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Vortex Sports Academy - Grand Prairie

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Welcome to Vortex Sports Academy in Grand Prairie (formerly the American Institute of Taekwondo - still owned by Dr. Judy Flury!), where we have been developing well-rounded students since 1986. We are a family friendly facility that takes pride in offering our community a great way to stay active, build confidence, and learn discipline like never before. In fact, all of our instructors trained here as kids! We're committed to helping people overcome every challenge life throws their way. Our Martial Arts training is designed to equip you with courage and motivation to get the very most out of life. Check it out for yourself! Just fill out the short form on your screen to get started today!

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Our Expert Team

Our staff was born and raised on the programs we offer. They've truly been there and done that. It's that family feel that gives us the ability to stay committed and dedicated to every student's needs.


Our Core Values

We value all the ways that martial arts training can develop its students. From discipline and respect to courage and self-confidence, our training is designed to help you enjoy them all.


Our Mission

We're on a mission to provide high-level training for everyone who walks through our doors. There's no such thing as being too inexperienced. We're proud to help everyone find success.


Our Promise

With us, you can count on a safe and supportive environment each and every day. There's no intimidation in our classes. Everyone is welcomed with open arms and supported through the process.


Kids Martial Arts

Students of all ages and abilities can develop incredible self-confidence and a well-rounded skill set with our Kids Martial Arts Classes in Grand Prairie. We're helping everyone thrive!

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Adult Martial Arts

Our Adult Martial Arts Classes in Grand Praire can help men and women of all abilities thrive with hands-on instruction and scaleable training methods. Jump in today and combine fitness and self-defense like never before!

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After School

Our After School program is helping students of all ages and backgrounds thrive. Give your child the chance to stay active, meet new friends, and challenge themselves in a safe environment while you finish up the work day!

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Why Is Vortex Sports Academy Right For You?

We're Dedicated To Serving Everyone Who Comes Through Our Doors!

Hands-On Instruction in Grand Prairie - Vortex Sports Academy - Grand Prairie

Hands-On Instruction

Our instructors are dedicated to helping you build your skills one day at a time. That means taking the time to know each and every student and work with them individually through the process. We're not a belt factory or a show school. We want you to learn every single day.

Scalable Strategies in Grand Prairie - Vortex Sports Academy - Grand Prairie

Scalable Strategies

No two students train the some. Some learn quickly and others take their time to think through the process. That's why we offer scalable strategies to meet the needs of every single student. We meet you where you are and work with you every step of the way.

Ongoing Support in Grand Prairie - Vortex Sports Academy - Grand Prairie

Ongoing Support

There's no such thing as success without support. At Vortex Sports Academy, we have each other's back each and every day. Our team is here to motivate you through the challenges and celebrate your every success. Remember, we're all in this together.

Community Of Friends in Grand Prairie - Vortex Sports Academy - Grand Prairie

Community Of Friends

At the end of the day, we train hard and we give it our all. But the most beautiful aspects of our martial arts classes are the friendships we foster and the relationships we build. Our training is a common ground for people of all backgrounds. It's a meeting place and a social setting. It's tons of fun for everyone.

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