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Felix Anguiano

Dr. Flury and her staff are awesome! 3 of our kids have gone to All Star Academy and they have all loved it. They have an amazing after school program that picks up the kids from school and tons of great activities. They also have special days and evening so that parents can take their kids and have some time for each other.

We currently have our 8 year old in the martial arts program and he absolutely loves it and you can see the growth. We can't say enough about how happy we are with All Star Academy.

Christine Ferrin Howland

My son has THRIVED with this program! He has ADHD and a diagnosed anxiety disorder. He started at age 5 (barely) in the summer program and has absolutely thrived! Dr. Flury and her team have built confidence and leadership in him that I know he wouldn't have gotten through any other program. He's been with her and her team for almost 3 years now and his school teachers describe him as disciplined (with ADHD that's IMPRESSIVE), polite, and a true leader. Thank you All Star Academy for molding my son into an exceptional young man!

Chrissy Cook Gomez

I love All Star Academy after school care because they are so great with my son, and he learns karate while he is there freeing up our evenings to just be a family, do another activity, or relax. I love that he is having fun but also getting exercise daily. They also provide other options such as grappling, weapons (wood swords, etc), etc that is included with the monthly price. My son is high on the autism spectrum and is only interested in the basics for now, but I know the other options interest most of the other kids and parents. He works at his own pace, and instructors are always willing to give him some one-on-one. Great place!

Terri Wells Pratt

All Star Academy and Dr. Flury are not just teaching karate to my son. They are building his confidence and helping him meet his goals of being the next karate kid. The amazing thing is that even though my son is Autistic, he given the same opportunity to participate in his weekly classes with same dignity and respect as any student. His instructor Mr. Teeples is best instructor. He's patient and guides my son on this path of achieving next belt level. Beyond the karate part, they have excellent parents night out and camps to keep my child active and safe. Thanks for all y'all do at All Star Academy!

Nadine Walk

My child has participated of All Star Academy for the last 4 years and has learned and enjoyed his time he spends at All Star Academy with his instructors and peers. Great safe environment!!

Debbie Wigginton

I absolutely LOVE Dr. Flury and the entire staff!! All Star Academy offers an awesome variety of programs and keeps your kiddos active. The best part to me is that the All Star group became more like family. Everyone there is very personable and it shows how much they care for and is respectful of every and anyone that walks through their door!!

Cindy Melendez

My son’s been attending All Star Academy for almost 4 years. He still enjoys class just as much as when he first started. He’s confidence has soared since beginning his classes. He also loves volunteering with the younger students during summer camp. He is highly dedicated to his craft and said the school feels like family to him.

Eva Garcia

All Star is a great academy, I enrolled my daughter at the age of 5 years old as a little ninja and 8 years later see working on her 2nd black belt her accomplishments and Disciplinary are outstanding and love training with her 2nd family I would recommend this academy to anyone at any age!

Pam Warren

My son has been attending the after school/summer programs for the last 3 years. I choose this program because they offer a variety of activities for the kids. The staff is great and treat the kids as their own. Dr. Judy is very understanding. My son enjoys attending and has made me the subject of his martial arts practice. He is very excited that he earned his gold belt this past weekend.

Nancy Guzman

All 3 of my children have attended and it's been a joy. We started with Saturday karate classes over 4 years ago and as my kids have started school they have progressed into the after school program. We love the discipline, activities and consistency Dr. Flury and the rest of the All Star Academy staff provide.

Jessica Kemp

“My son has been attending since 1st grade and he loves it! I wanted an after school program that offered more than just a sitter and All Star Academy offers so much more! Aside from a safe place to go after school to do homework, the children also learn martial arts, hip hop and gymnastics too. Not only does my son attend after school but he loves their summer camps!”

Billy LaFond reviewed All Star Academy
via Facebook

Where I got my start in my vast martial arts career. Could not ask for a better upbringing. Everyone at the dojo is like family to me

Nita Sharma Srinivas reviewed All Star Academy
via Facebook

Great place and great people!!! My son just loves going to his karate class. This is not just a fun place they take martial arts serious and they teach the children how to respect martial arts and how to respect people around you. I highly recommend All Star Academy!

Verna Donjuan reviewed All Star Academy
via Facebook

My Grandson loves going to the Dojo. He participants in the after school care, summer camp and karate classes. Even his Dad started karate class and I highly recommend this facility for the whole family. Dr. Judy Flury is truly blessed in what she and her staff do for the children. Keep up the great work!!!!

Salli Bee reviewed All Star Academy
via Facebook

The staff is wonderful and they have a great program. My two sons love it!

Denise Peebles Barrett reviewed All Star Academy
via Facebook

This school teaches great values. Hard work is rewarded. Respect for others. How to be responsible. How to persevere when things are tough.

It has also helped with my daughters self confidence, strength, flexibility, and compassion.

Last but not least they have great teachers who guide the students throughout the long process of earning their black belts and beyond.

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