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How to Make Your Child Immune to Peer Pressure, Part 2

How To Make Your Child Immune

to Peer Pressure, Part 2

By Judy Flury-Carter, Ph.D.






4.  Discuss how “grown up” it is to refuse to do what others are trying to get you to do, and face looking like a “chicken” for it.  

5.  Do not give your child everything they ask for “because everyone else has one”, or because “everyone else is wearing that kind.”  Yes, we want our kids to fit in and not feel ostracized, but if you always give in to their need to feel like one of the crowd, then how can you expect them to refuse to be one of the crowd when they are offered that crack pipe or pressured to skip class because “everyone else is doing it”?  

The answer is, you can’t -- and they won’t.  Parents who give their child what they ask for because “everyone else has one” or because “everyone else is doing it”, or because “I’ll look like a dork if I don’t wear one”, are setting their children up for disaster during the heavy peer-pressure teen years.  

They will not magically sprout the ability to resist peer pressure if they’ve been giving in to it, with their parents’ blessings, their whole lives. 

6.  Allow your child to use you as an excuse.  Give them specific statements that they can use in a crunch, such as “if I did that, I’d be grounded for a year -- no way.”  This takes the pressure off of them looking like they’re just to “weak” to do what the big guys are doing, and shifts the focus to blaming parents -- something all kids can relate to!

The six steps above, while not a complete panacea, will go a long way towards immunizing your child against the pressure that they face on a daily basis to engage in all sorts of negative behaviors, both big and small.  Make it a point to get started on these steps today! 

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